1 | Rosè with Samantha Castillo

Welcome to Rosè with Rae – a web show and podcast for real-life conversations, some lighthearted and some heavy, with me and some of my closest friends. In today’s INAUGURAL episode, I’m sitting down with Samantha Castillo, my best friend and right-hand woman as we chat through friendship lows and highs and how to meet people where they are + love them through hard seasons. We’re sipping on a rosè cocktail with aperol, gin, rosè, citrus and a rose + orange blossom simple syrup. Needless to say, things get a little lit.

You’ll get the rarely told story of how I met my husband, the crazy ex-best friendship that brought Sam and me together, and a few other life lessons on loving yourself and finding balance in work and life.

Rosè with Rae is best consumed after 1 (or 3) glasses of rosè, so pour a glass, sit back, and join us for episode one.

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