2 | Rosè with Jeanetta Norris

In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with my soul sister and kindred spirit, Jeanetta Norris. We both have a huge heart for natural and whole living, so we are chatting through body odor and how to combat it without deodorant (yes, you read that correctly…neither of us wears deodorant every day), how astrology and crystals fit into the kingdom of God, not conforming to the rules that society places on us, and how to take back your menstrual cycle to live a healthier life.
And if you tune in to the web show, you’ll get a Beyoncè Homecoming performance that clearly sets this off as a twerk episode!
Rosè with Rae is best consumed after 1 (or 3) glasses of rosè, so pour a glass, sit back, and join us for episode two.

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