4 | Rosè with Trilliah Fazle

This episode made me laugh out loud, tear up a little bit, and want to praise God all in the same sitting. I’m sipping on some rosè with my girlfriend Trilliah and chatting through love, loss, and everything in between.

Trilliah and I are a part of a club that no one wants to be in, but you’re always so glad that you don’t have to be a member alone. Her dad died when she was growing up and my husband passed away in 2018. We’re chatting through how to love your friends through loss but also how to speak up for yourself when you feel that your friends aren’t supporting you in your grief.

Trilliah is dating one of J’s best friends, so you’ll hear some hilarious stories of how we came to be friends, what NOT to do on a first date, and our first ever male guest chatting giving us some dating advice from a man’s perspective.

If you need a stir in your spirit, we also talk through how good God is and why His timing is always better than ours — even when we He tells us “no”. 

Rosè with Rae is best consumed after 1 (or 3) glasses of rosè, so pour a glass, sit back, and join us for episode two.

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