6 | Rosè with Grace Allen

Today I’m sitting down with a friend who I could easily describe as one of the most inspiring people in my life, Grace Allen. She embodies grace in every definition of the word and it’s an episode that will inspire you to live your best life on purpose and teach you to prioritize your health, wellness, and goals in life. 

There is SO much wisdom and so many gems shared in this episode. Whether you are a stay-at-home mama who uses the word “just” to describe the role that you play in your home or you’re single and wanting to live your life with more intentionality, this one is for you.

Grace and I talk through all things wellness, self-care, and setbacks that set us up for all that God has for us. If you’re looking for a little motivation on how to live your best life on purpose, Grace and I share our own stories through our ever-changing bodies and how we take back control of our health.

Did you love what Grace had to share in this episode as much as we did? Be sure to follow Grace on Instagram: instagram.com/grace.e.allen or check out her blog: grace-allen.com

Rosè with Rae is best consumed after 1 (or 3) glasses of rosè, so pour a glass, sit back, and join us for episode six.

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