Is a Digital Detox The Secret to Your Next Big Idea?

I’ve been seeing more and more people on my feed announcing that they are taking a break from social media for different reasons. Last year I took my own break from all social media apps and it was the most freeing thing for me.


When I deleted Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I didn’t know exactly how long I’d be away, I just knew I needed a break. When you spend so much time scrolling and not a lot of time filtering what energy you’re allowing in to your life, it really starts to wear on you. I had started this “journey to self”, as I called it, and was trying harder to focus on me and improving my outlook on life. It was a journey to self-love, self-control, and self-acceptance. For me, this meant less scrolling and more soul searching.


After 10 months had passed, I decided it was time to reactivate my Facebook, create a new Twitter (I’m a sucker for fresh starts) and redownload my Instagram app. I was refreshed, recharged, and ready to share pieces of my life with my world again.


Now, I’m sure the idea of stepping away from your beloved followers sounds like social media suicide. We’re taught to show up, be consistent, engage with your following on a daily basis, it’s the only way you’ll grow your reach, right? I won’t say this is wrong because then I’d be out of a side hustle, but the truth is, it’s okay to step away, regroup, and come back recharged. In fact, I’m able to think more clearly when I’m not wasting hours out of the day, scrolling and trying to keep up with what another influencer is up to.


Too much time on social media clouds my creativity because I end up being distracted, distant from my own dreams, and honestly, disappointed that I’m not as far along as so and so.


Maybe stepping away from social for 10 months isn’t feasible for you. There are small ways you can create healthy boundaries in your digital intake to improve your creative process.



  1. Put your phone on airplane mode after 8 PM. I’m so bad at making this habitual, but always so glad when I do. I can literally get in to bed at 8 and scroll on Instagram for hours. This helps me set clear boundaries with my bedtime and relationship with my phone.
  2. Pick one day a week to logout of social media, not respond to emails, and turn off your phone notifications. This idea of being “always on” is not one I am fond of. It’s okay to logout and recharge so you’re offering the world your best self. None of my apps have notifications on (including messages) and I engage with the world on my terms.
  3. Detox in the literal sense of the word. I’m obsessed with the Digital Detox bath soak from Pursoma. I pour the mix into my bath water, indulge in an overflowing glass of wine, and soak my stress away.



Number 3 is my favorite because the clay draws out toxins and the salt replenishes electrolytes. However you choose to detox may take some trial and error to figure out what works best for you, but I can guarantee that by reaching for a good book and a cup of tea rather than your phone, you’re allowing your mind more clarity for your next big idea.


Happy soaking.


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