Lindsay Ayers: Faith, Prayer, and Intimacy with God in All Seasons

We’re back this week for one of our final episodes of Season 2. Lindsay is a dear friend that I met on IG a few years ago and has easily become one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram and in real life. After going through a tough break up, she began to see God in a new way and I love how she uses her platform “The Faith Feast” to welcome other people into the presence of God so that they can experience His fullness. The best part? The girl is down to earth, wildly hilarious, and SO relatable. No Christianese or holier than thou BS over here – just two girls who know how much they need a Savior.

In today’s episode, Lindsay is walking us through what it looks like to fully trust God even in the moments that you want to be in control, what faith means to her, and what true intimacy with God looks like. I left this conversation feeling so convicted (in the best way) to PRAY and welcome God into my everyday because a part from Him there is no rest. Another reminder that Lindsay kindly blesses us with.

Lindsay is the founder of The Faith Feast, a community dedicated to helping women feast on all areas of their lives, especially their food and their faith. By day, Lindsay serves as an attorney at a Christian nonprofit where she helps clients who are experiencing poverty. In her free time Lindsay loves to read, listen to podcasts, and cook up something delicious. Her five plants, new nephew, and a coffee are a few of her favorite things.

Instagram: thefaithfeast

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