Pam R. Johnson Davis: Showing Up Truthfully and Unapologetically

In this week’s episode, Pam R. Johnson Davis, affectionately known as Unapologetically Pam, is walking us through what it looks like to show up as yourself truthfully and unapologetically.

I met Pam through the Unapologetic Retreat, and online event that I hosted for creatives and entrepreneurs. She was a speaker for the retreat and there is a magic about her that you can literally feel and see shining through her.

I’m sipping rosè and Pam sipping on High Noon vodka soda and we are diving into the art of living unapologetically, the many forms of grief and how we process them, owning your journey and story no matter how painful, and more.


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Pam R. Johnson Davis is a writer, poet, singer, and educator residing in Chicago, IL. She began blogging under the pseudonym “Unapologetically Pam” in 2016. Her blog transformed into an online platform that seeks to explore, understand, and uplift the experiences of ambitious, healing women who are on their journey of wellness. Her first book, “Seasons (I’ll Be Seeing You): A collection of poems about heartbreak, healing, and redemption” debuted at the #1 spot for New Releases in African-American Poetry and Women’s Poetry on Amazon and won the “Best Urban Poetry” Book Award at American Book Fest in August 2020.

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