3 Reminders for Anyone Struggling with Perfectionism

I have been trying to track down the exact moment in my life when I became so obsessed with perfectionism, but the truth is I don’t remember. I would never describe myself as a care-free person. Like ever, ha. But I do remember a time when my only goal was to do my best, and I’m honestly not sure when that stopped being enough.

I’ve sat on so many projects and opportunities, or let things pass me by because I was more focused on being perfect than just showing up and allowing myself the grace and room to improve. I wish this was a blog post about how I’ve broken free from the chains of perfection, but lately it feels like the shackles are getting tighter and tighter. I think the only silver lining here is that I’m aware of what an issue this has become in my life and I face it head on every day.

I’m by no means perfect at this (hehe) but I did want to share 3 things I’ve been reminding myself of when the chase for perfection tempts me, and it does. Every single day. And sometimes I give into it and sit on my magic because I think it can be better, but when I do decide to be brave and face the truth that “yes this could be better, but it is my best, and it is enough,” I’m always so glad I did.

Give yourself room to grow. The likelihood of you being the best at what you do the first time you do it is small – just being honest here. If I want to be constantly learning, growing, and evolving as a person, then my work (or whatever I’m chasing perfect for) shouldn’t be any different. As you learn more, get more experience, your work will naturally grow and evolve as a result – leave space for that while also accepting that what you’ve created, what you’ve accomplished is good and it is enough because it is your best.

The time will pass either way. I’ve had so many dreams that I’ve given up on because of my fear that it won’t be good enough or because I’ve believed the lie that perfectionism is the only goal. Guess what, a year passes and instead of having something tangible that I can grow and evolve (see above), there’s nothing. It’s never a comparison, but I see this for myself when I look at other people who blogged or created or podcasted consistently for a year, and I might have hit pause on something because I let me obsession with perfection get in the way. The time will pass either way, you can either use it to consistently show up and commit to being better everyday, or you can sit on the sidelines dreaming about a level of excellence that is not attainable.

I am not called to perfection — I am called as I am. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and realize that the reason I sat on my magic was because I mistook being called for being called to be perfect. If there’s a dream in your heart, you have the magic inside of you to make it happen. You may improve and grow as time goes on, but you as you are, are enough. You’re not called to be perfect – when the dream was placed on your heart, it was placed on you exactly as you are. Own who that person is and where that person is and walk in your life’s calling.

I hope to one day share a blog about how I’ve been set free from this, but for now these reminders are keeping me going.



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