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I have been trying to track down the exact moment in my life when I became so obsessed with perfectionism, but the truth is I don’t remember. I would never describe myself as a care-free person. Like ever, ha. But I do remember a time when my only goal was to do my best, and […]

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I love Instagram and the people that it’s connected me with, but something I’ve always struggled with is the fact that it can give you a false sense of knowing people and connectedness. I know more and more accounts are ditching the curated feeds and posting more real life content, but it still doesn’t take […]

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It’s literally no secret that I am a huge fan of following a routine or ritual for pretty much everything. I especially love a good morning routine because it’s the perfect way to start the day. My morning routine looks a little different every morning depending on how much time I have or really what […]

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“Your story is so beautiful.” I hear these words a lot and am never sure how to respond. Sometimes with an awkward smile or thank you, but honestly I have a hard time calling everything I’ve been through beautiful. The overcoming, the life lessons, and the faith that was built along the way? Sure. I […]

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