Celebrate with Me: I Graduated from Therapy

It’s been a minute since I’ve given a therapy update, but guess what…ya girl graduated from therapy!!! I am beside myself with gratitude and feeling incredibly proud of myself. You might be wondering what it means to graduate from therapy. When I started therapy I was in total crisis mode. You hear people who go to therapy for self-care or as needed and that was not the case for me. I needed a lot of support for my mental health disorders and struggles with perfectionism because my quality of life was suffering. I started going 1-2x per week and have slowly decreased the cadence over the past 2 years. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s been a long 2 year journey with a lot of tears and wondering if this is even working but eventually there was and continues to be a lot of breakthroughs and healing. 

Now that I’m out of crisis mode, I’m entering into more of a maintenance mode where we meet quarterly or as needed. I can always pop in if something comes up, but I’m feeling really confident that I can stay in maintenance mode because I’ve taken the time to understand what I need for my mental health to thrive. There are so many tools and coping mechanisms that therapy has offered me, you’ll hear me say this a million more times, but I’m so grateful. There’s a part of me that feels like I found myself again, and I love the girl I’m discovering.

My therapist and I both got emotional in our session; for me, I was so grateful that I didn’t give up on myself. There was a moment last year where I really wanted to give up. I had noticed small changes but nothing noteworthy. My therapist had to get real with me that I wasn’t all in with doing the work. It’s true though, there was a lot that she was recommending that I didn’t prioritize and was blaming everyone else instead of looking in the mirror. 

Fast forward to when I was ready to go all in, I stopped drinking, started medication, and started to really dig into my therapy homework and trusting that my therapist was right when she told me to keep going. Man, I’m glad I did. 

I’ve learned so much about myself in the past 2 years and it’s been really cool for me to recognize that I’m handling situations better than a previous version of me would have. We call that *growth*.

Only you know what you need to thrive, but if you’re not taking the time to get to know yourself and heal the parts of you that you’d rather keep hidden, you may not ever uncover the magic that is you. I hope you intentionally pursue the best version of yourself and that you never stop until you’re proud.


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