Gratitude & Rest: Daily Rae Update

Happy Thanksgiving! When I started Daily Rae several months ago, I set a goal to have 100 people signed up in our first few months. It’s hard to believe that there are now 540+ of you that are a part of this community and start your morning with me every day.

Thank you for welcoming me into your morning routine. Thank you for sharing and inviting your friends to be a part of this journey as well. Thank you for trusting me with your daily habits and pursuit to living your best life on purpose.

We’ll be taking an end of year sabbatical from Daily Rae to rest and recharge to ensure that words that come from my heart to your phone are always intentional, purpose-filled, and most importantly, that they come from a heart that is rested and recharged.

My hope and goal is to come back in the new year with new content and ways for you to engage with Daily Rae. Until then, I’ll be taking my own advice to heart that the work that we do matters, but the world will keep spinning when you need a break.

If you have content or topics that you’d like for me to touch on next year with Daily Rae or over here on the blog, shoot me a quick note and I’ll add it to my brainstorm list.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for being you. For radiating joy and holding space for pain. For honoring the parts of you that want you to reach higher and go deeper with yourself. I can’t wait to pick this journey back up with you, but for now I wanted to leave you with some thoughts on gratitude.

Gratitude opens our eyes and shifts our attention to the magic of what is and allows us to see past the pain of what is not. I often think about my life and how differently it has turned out versus what I expected for myself. Never in a million years did I think that becoming a widow at 26 and have to navigate life after loss. While I wouldn’t ever say I’m thankful for the great loss I have experienced, I can say that I’m thankful for the gold I’ve been able to spin out of life in spite of it.

I’m thankful for family and friends who have picked up the broken pieces of my life and helped me put them back together.

I’m thankful for a steady job and financial security to be able to afford grief counseling and other resources in my healing journey.

I’m thankful to have loved and have been loved by an amazing man.

I’m thankful for the promise of the cross, that sickness and death will one day be swallowed up forever.

I’m thankful for you sharing space with me. I would not be sharing my heart and story with you if it weren’t for losing J.

This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to mourn what could have been of this year while also holding space for the beauty that is all around you. This is where gratitude begins to come to life and overwhelm us with appreciation for the here and now.


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