Margaret de la Rose-Guillermo: 2 Young Widows Finding Hope After Heartbreaking Loss

Grab a glass AND a tissue for today’s bonus episode as I’m sitting down with my fellow widow warrior, Margaret. J passed away on September 11, 2018 so to honor the date and reflect on 2 years without my guy, I’m sitting down with my girl Margaret who is a young widow who also lost her husband to cancer in 2018.

I would feel some type of way if someone didn’t give me a *trigger warning* before listening to an episode like this, so I won’t lie. This is a heavy episode with unfiltered conversations about cancer, loss, and life after losing someone you love. It’s also packed with lessons in healing, overcoming, and hope.

Our stories are so similar and there’s no one I would rather sip a little rosè with to honor the day. We are both about to head into our 3rd year without our people and we are chatting about everything from finding out our husbands had cancer, the journey leading up to them passing, and what life looks like now.

In honor of my J and Margaret’s RJ, cheers until we see each other again.



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Margaret de la Rosa-Guillermo is a lover of life and adventure. She is a recent widow who has made it her mission in life to encourage people to live their best lives—just like her late husband did. Human connection is of the utmost importance to her as she greatly values and fiercely protects the relationships in her life. She believes in loving hard, chasing happiness, and making every moment count.

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