Must Keep Moving: Pushing Through Imposter Syndrome

I saw a post on Instagram the other day that really stopped me in my tracks:

Every now & then I doubt my abilities. Normal. One thing I don’t do is stand still IN the doubt. I doubtfully MOVE. Must keep moving.

Ba-by. When I tell you this spoke to ME. This has been one of my greatest lessons this year. The doubt and imposter syndrome that I feel when I am stepping into something new is normal and I have a (probably wrong) theory as to why. Because our brain are a prison. We can dream big and fantasize about our 5-10 year plans but when we are actually living the dream or tapping into something we’ve never experienced before, our brains have never had to think at that level (no matter how small) because it is a new experience. Your brain will tell you that you can’t, that you’re not good enough, that other people are doing it better. And that is why I remind myself that my brain is a prison. Just because I may take a shaky step and doubt myself along the way, that does not mean that I should not still move forward.

So I do just that. I start scared. I start not knowing the next step. I start with anxiety and doubt and fear. But I start. Damn, I wish I had learned this before this year because I am thinking of all the level ups I let my brain talk me out of.

This year I have made a commitment to myself to keep moving even when I believe the lie that I’m not good enough- whew, y’all. The brain is literally a prison and I will not let it hold me captive anymore.

Everyone experiences doubt and questions their abilities, but the trick is to not let that fear and feeling of inadequacy keep you from taking the next step. A step filled with doubt is still a step towards your best self. Must keep moving.


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