Samantha Castillo: Breaking Free From Unhealthy Thought Patterns, Overthinking, and Perfectionism

I’m sitting down with my bestie boo this week. The maid of honor in my wedding and the ride or die of all ride or dies, Samantha is on the podcast sipping on a gin and tonic while I’m *chugging* a rosé peach mimosa.

We are the self-proclaimed queens of chronic overthinking. Not sure if I should be proud of that, but here we are. This episode is all about how to end the cycle of unhealthy thought loops, letting go of the obsession with perfect, understanding the difference between self efficacy/self confidence and/self esteem, how to cope with chronic overthinking, how to care for things without being consumed, and more.



My *recipe* for my rosé peach mimosa

I didn’t have a sparkling rosé so I used 1:1 prosecco + dry rosé and added a splash of peach juice. It was a little sweet but so good.

Blog post for overcoming imposter syndrome:

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